Forging ahead with FordFord is a bright Grade 1 student who loves to is set up on Ford's desk Ford enjoys participating in learning activities in class but has some challenges accessing information because of vision and hearing impairments. In Kindergarten, Ford attended the BC Children’s Low Vision Clinic with his school based team where he tried using a video magnifier to magnify and read a book. The built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature of the device scanned the text and read the text aloud to him and he loved it. Ford was highly motivated and curious about the technology.

Ford’s school based team saw an opportunity to support him in the classroom with technology. The team requested short term loans of video magnifiers that had the OCR feature. During the short term loan period, Ford was shown how to use a Magnilink TTS video magnifier hooked up to a MacBook Pro and he was able to operate the system independently within a couple of minutes.

Other students use equipment tooHis enthusiastic and supportive team were open and eagerFord_1_600x450 to having the technology into the classroom for use with other students too. To start, the laptop and video magnifier were set up as a reading centre for after lunch silent reading where Ford and a buddy could use the system for reading. The equipment was also incorporated into literacy centres in the K/1 classroom so that all students in the class could have access to the technology to support their literacy development. During class activities, the equipment is set up on Ford’s desk. From there, he is able to magnify and visually enhance learning support materials such as worksheets, books, or journal writing or he is able to view the SMART Board with the room viewing capabilities of the video magnifier. Ford is a keen and active learner and we know he will continue to accomplish great things as he forges ahead in his educational program!

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