Students working togetherThis resource was created to help teachers use a wide variety of assessment methods and tools to identify student learning needs and evaluate students’ progress toward meeting learning standards within the BC’s redesigned curriculum. The first part of this resource, LEARN, will provide you with a brief overview of why, what, and how we assess students. The second part, PLAN, will provide you with examples of methods and strategies to formatively assess students in the redesigned curriculum. In the last part, DO, you will find a number of assessment templates and links that will help you apply what we have discussed in this self-directed course.


In this section we will describe why, what and how we assess in our classrooms.  We will explore some best practices for assessment within BC’s redesigned curriculum.

Why and What do we Assess?


As a teacher, you can use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to assess student performance. Here are some of assessment tools and strategies to help you understand where your students are in the learning process and what you need to do next. You will need several of these to meet every classroom situation.



Here you will find links and templates for assessment in your classroom. These resources should help you apply what we have discussed so far in your classroom. You can use these tools as they are, or explore them in a quest to create your own personalized assessment tools.