SMART Online CourseSMART Notebook is a software program that is typically used in conjunction with classroom SMARTboards however it can be used as a stand alone software.

During this four part course, participants will become oriented to the features and functions available in Notebook, how to use the basic tools and how to create engaging lessons that will support a wide variety of learners.

Getting started with SMART Notebook

During Part 1 of the course, participants will become oriented to the SMART Notebook program layout. This includes learning how to complete some basic introductory actions such as adding and manipulating objects and pictures on the page.

Overview - Introduction to SMART NotebookSMART Notebook Layout - Familiarizing yourself with the Notebook software layoutEditing Pages: Adding Objects - How to add and manipulate objects including how to move, rotate and resizeThe Gallery: Adding Pictures - How to add images from the gallery and manipulate them in notebook

Investigating Object Actions

Part 2 of the course digs deeper into how to make use of SMART Notebook features to engage learners while presenting. Particpants will learn more about manipulating objects, how to use the cloning tool and how to add links and other properties.

Selecting an Object - How to find images in the gallery to use on the blank pageClone, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete - Overview of the first five items in the drop-down object action menu for any objectInfinite Cloner - How to make an object duplicate infinitely using the clone action and how to delete multiple items at onceLocking - How to lock and unlock objects in place on the screenGroup, Flip and Order - Working with multiple objects to group and ungroup themAdding Links, Sounds and Properties to Objects - How to add links to objects includes adding sounds and personal recordings to objects

Creating Click to Reveal Lessons

During Part 3, participants will learn how to hide and reveal information.  By using features such as shade, shapes and pens, educators can cover or obscure information that provides more options for representing information.

Using Shade the Shade Feature - The shade features can be used to cover material and slowly reveal from the top, side or bottomUsing Shapes and Objects to Reveal - Using coloured shapes and objects to cover and reveal contentUsing Pens to Cover - Simply colouring over words and objects can be a way to engage through reveal

The Magic Pen

Part 4 explores the use of the magic pen feature in SMART Notebook. Magic pen can disappear, create a spotlight area or magnify the content on the screen.

Basics of Magic Pen - Turning on magic pen feature and some lesson suggestionsUsing Magic Pen to Spotlight - Creating a circle with magic pen can create a spotlightUsing Magic Pen to Magnify - Creating a square with magic pen will enlarge portions of the screen

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Using the Activity Toolkit

During this final section, we will explore some of the pre-made activities that are available as part of the Activity Toolkit.  Learn how to access the activities and how to personalize them for use with any class.

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