Artful Inclusion In SD39

Jody Imrie, resource teacher at Waverley Elementary School in Vancouver, was excited to use the Artful Inclusion SETdirect Kit with her students with complex needs. While comfortable supporting the literacy and numeracy development of her students, she wanted to stretch her practice by exploring art as another avenue for student expression.

In this video, Yaseen, and two of his classmates, Colin and Aezelle, participate in making spin art in a co-operative activity – the results are beautiful! Yaseen operates the spin art machine with his switch while his classmates Colin and Aezelle take turns adding the paint. When it’s Yaseen’s turn to make a spin art piece, Colin asks Yaseen to pick a colour using the Go Talk 4. Aezelle then adds that colour while Yaseen activates the spin art machine with his switch.

You can see the delight on Yaseen’s face as he interacts with his friends while enjoying the lights and sounds of the spin art machine!