2 girls working on ipadsSooke teacher, Melissa Dorran, has excitedly embraced the opportunity to work with a SET-BC Consultant to implement a Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution at Ecole John Stubbs Memorial Elementary. Wishing to expand her and her students’ learning journey, Melissa decided to explore apps that would allow her students to demonstrate their knowledge in multiple ways. As part of a Tier 2 classroom solution this year, Melissa received ten iPads to integrate into her classroom activities and is now adding them to the repertoire of tools available to students.

fingers on ipad screenHer French Immersion Grade 4/5 class first explored Pic Collage, a photo embellishment app, to produce collages around a Halloween theme. As her students’ skills improved and their familiarity with the app increased, they were able to demonstrate skilled and artistic imagery for Remembrance Day. The Book Creator app was then introduced to allow students an alternative method to track their reading responses in Literature Circles. student project on remembrance dayWith the ability to add content via photos, videos, handwriting, text, voice input and sound recording, students now have a myriad of options available to them to complete their “In the book…./My thinking…..” responses. Melissa plans to move forward introducing other apps to allow students more creative options for final literature projects.

Eager to share the successes of her students with parents, Melissa had experimented in past years using the Fresh Grade app to post photos, videos and samples of work to e-portfolio accounts. This year, with more iPads available to her, Melissa allows the students to post their productions to their e-portfolio accounts. student project on rememberance dayStudents enthusiastically share their schoolwork, post their own commentary and receive feedback from parents and teacher in a private and personalized online setting. The students have uploaded samples of their oral reading abilities in French and demonstrated their Mathematics problem-solving abilities via video-clips.

Melissa’s class has embraced using the iPads on a daily basis. An enthusiastic hum pervades the room when the iPads are out. Students share ideas, creative possibilities and are quick to help each other when needed. The learning curve for each app is not steep – students take to them quickly and are demonstrating a pride in their final accomplishments. John-Stubbs-girl-on-ipadAsked about their favorite part of Term 1, many students indicated that learning the apps was their top choice and are looking forward to trying more.

As the year progresses, Melissa intends to integrate the iPads into other areas of the curriculum and explore further apps. Without a doubt, she has already created a positive and happy classroom with a growing list of engaging options for support!John-Stubbs-students-working-in-classroom

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