PoppyAt this time of year, we would like to remind you of some of the Remembrance Day student technology-based resources we have available in our collection.





Remembrance Day
A story about Remembrance Day and attending a Remembrance Day Assembly. Created by Daphne Mercier in Writing with Symbols and in PDF format.

Remembrance Day (Clicker 5 & Clicker 6)
Learn and write about Remembrance Day, and listen to the poem “In Flanders Fields.” This grid set also provides cells containing stanza choices to write the poem “In Flanders Fields.” Students must read carefully to discriminate between similar options to get the poem correct. Using auditory support (hearing the choices) will be helpful.

Remembrance Day Bingo
Bingo Boards and calling cards using Remembrance Day vocabulary.

Remembrance Day for Secondary
This Clicker Activity is a talking book about Remembrance Day written for the Secondary School student. Selected grids contain video or sound clips. Information for this activity was taken from Veterans’ Affairs Canada: Canada Remembers.

Remembrance Day: In Flanders Fields (Clicker5 & Clicker6)
The classic Remembrance Day poem by John McRae, December 1915, is presented with visual and auditory supports. Students who have difficulties comprehending can explore the words buttons to assist them with understanding in simpler text.

There are also accessible books available through ARC-BC:

A Poppy is to Remember – clkx, pictello, pps
In moving words, and with illustrations both dramatic and tender, this book calls to mind the rich symbolism of the poppy we wear so proudly on Remembrance Day… lest we forget.

Remembrance Day by Jill Foran – kes
A look at the events that people take part in during Canada’s major holidays. Each title provides information about the history, symbols, and traditions of these special days.

Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti – clkb, clkx, kes, pdf
During World War II, a young German girl’s curiosity leads her to discover something far more terrible than the day-to-day hardships and privations that she and her neighbours have experienced. A part of the Reading Power Project.