meeting with Korean studentsOn September 26th, SET-BC was delighted to host a large group of Korean students, support workers, teachers, and Korean education ministry delegates as they visited our program as part of their BC tour.

The tour group, which included a large number of middle and high school students who have physical challenges, was interested in learning how SET-BC supports students with various physical access issues. Group members were particularly interested in seeing what types of technologies we loan to support this student population.

While the group had korean-students-sessiontheir own interpreter for the visit, one of our own consultants, fluent in Korean, translated as a second consultant demonstrated the many pieces of physical access equipment available through SET-BC. Some students even had an opportunity to try some of the technologies – one student was particularly enamoured with a universal mount for the iPad as he did not have one of his own. He was delighted to be able to position his iPad in a more accessible position during the demonstration.

While the students and support staff enjoyed the technology demonstration prepared by our consultants and technicians, the Korean teachers toured our facility and spoke with our technical lead hand, also fluent in Korean, about the practicalities of acquiring and managing loan bank technologies.

korean student on ipadIt was a great opportunity to meet a group from another country and to learn how the Korean government supports their students with physical access challenges. While there may be an ocean physically between us, there is no difference between our mutual desires to provide the best possible support for students with complex needs!

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