John Knox: Podcasting in Novel Ways

Building student success with BC’s redesigned curriculum by developing communication, creative and critical thinking, and personal and social competencies are the focus for Josh Withrow, a grade 7 teacher at John Knox Christian School in Burnaby. In the video below, you can watch as his students exchange information, experience new ideas and engage in the use of digital media using iPads in a SET-BC Classroom Based Solution.

In the short video, Josh describes his experience implementing a Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution – SET-BC Tier 2 services include consultation, training, technology loans and implementation support to teachers and students in the classroom setting.

Josh chose iPads to engage students in podcasting because he felt that infusing technology into their learning would lead to further language development through discussion, sharing and blogging and at the same time help students who have difficulties in written output and social skills.

“I started off thinking that I would just use them for one subject, for my Language Arts class, but as I got used to using the iPads I realized there are so many different things that I can do with iPads in the different classes that I was teaching.”
Josh felt that using an iPad was a tremendous help to some of the students who don’t normally speak up in class and “In fact, sometimes they become the leaders in their group because they understand the technology better than some of the other students.”

Josh found that the small groups, one iPad to every 3 students, allowed for students who wouldn’t normally speak up to be totally engaged and confident. Students have fun, work together and use iPads to demonstrate their learning. The Core Competencies of the BC redesigned curriculum are evident by the learning his students are experiencing while they are engaged in ‘doing’ activities.

Josh’s advice to a teacher considering a Classroom Based Solution would be to ‘start simple’ and then incorporate them into each lesson. Josh started off just thinking he was going to do podcasting and throughout the year expanded his view of curriculum and integration of technology into different subjects. The students made ‘How to Videos’ and ‘Stop-motion’ videos as well. “It’s just a different medium for the students to engage with.”

Josh describes the Classroom Based Solution as a fantastic experience for him to grow as a teacher and a huge success for the students in his classroom.