Adrienne GearWe are so excited to be welcoming Adrienne Gear back for another great presentation!  On November 16th, she will be presenting Nonfiction Reading Power at the SET-BC Provincial Centre with streaming to other locations around the province.

In this full day session, Adrienne will explain the key concepts of Reading Power and the levels of understanding – from literal to interactive – as well as show how Reading Power fits with the re-designed curriculum.

She will focus on specific reading strategies to support readers of nonfiction including: Zoom In (to Nonfiction Features), Determine Importance, Making Connections, Questioning and Transform.  She will share lessons, student samples and recommended anchor books to support the lessons.  As always, Adrienne’s sessions are very practical so you will leave with lessons you can use in your classroom immediately!

For more information on Adrienne and the upcoming workshop, download the Nonfiction Reading Power Workshop flyer.