Shelley Moore at workshopOn April 18, 2016, Shelley Moore captivated our audience with her workshop, Curriculum for All with a special focus on the redesigned BC curriculum. The day was filled with discussions, laughter, and enthusiasm as Shelley engaged the crowd with student examples and her captivating presentation style.

The movement and mindset of transitioning from integration to inclusion was covered during the morning, together with examples of how the new curriculum supports learning for all. Specifically, how we can use the core competencies to design meaningful and inclusive programs for students with diverse needs. The consideration of the context of their inclusive settings was also discussed. The afternoon was dedicated to examining specific student profile examples and what it looks like to include students with diverse needs.

This workshop was an excellent example of building capacity all over BC – we had 12 different remote sites join in, making a total of over 200 participants for this Tier 1 Professional Development event.

Shelley Moore has worked with elementary and secondary schools supporting students with and without special needs in inclusive contexts in Alberta, New York and British Columbia. She is currently an inclusion consultant in the Richmond School District, as well as various other districts and community organizations throughout BC, supporting systems and educators to increase access to education for every learner. She has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally, and has developed and taught sessional courses as a university instructor. Along with her educational blog,, Shelley’s work appears in Its All About Thinking and Developing Self Regulated Learners. Shelley’s first book, One without the Other, is due in summer 2016.

Please note: We experienced some technical difficulties during the presentation recording – the audio quality may be poor in places and/or out of sync with the video. We apologize for these issues – we are working to improve the overall quality of our captured presentations.

Curriculum for All Part 1Curriculum for All Part 2Curriculum for All Part 3Curriculum for All Part 4

Videos shown during the workshop:

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