Homma Elementary students using iPad and buildingThe SET-BC Tier 2 Classroom-Based Solution at Tomekichi Homma Elementary has demonstrated that even adding 8 iPads with educational iApps can dramatically extend and expand learning activities and provide effective ways for students to explain and/or reflect on their learning. Teachers at Homma are creatively finding ways to infuse digital devices into the learning activities they have used successfully for years. BC’s new revised curriculum also encourages teachers to creatively explore the redesign of these learning activities in ways that facilitate greater personalization of learning and increased student engagement.

simple machine planThe infusion of digital devices into learning activities helps students learn how to use these digital tools in an authentic manner while learning concepts and skills. For example, after a unit on “Simple Machines” students applied the principles and concepts they learned by building “Rube Goldberg Machines” and then used iPads to make a video of their project. The students then imported the video into the “Explain Everything” iApp to describe and explain the various elements of simple machines that they used in their projects.

building Rube Goldberg MachineBy revising previously designed learning activities to incorporate digital devices teachers are expanding and enhancing more personalized student learning. The use of these digital devices also increases engagement, facilitates more ways of presenting information and provides multiple options for students to demonstrate their learning.

Adding a little digital technology can go a long way!

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