classroom kids attending math classEda is a grade 2/3 student in the Vancouver school district. She is an independent, happy girl and this has allowed her to quickly learn how to use technology to help her participate in class and express her learning. Eda’s team is receiving Tier 3 support from SET-BC this year and part of that support was a loan of a Visiobook magnifier and distance viewer and a laptop with reading and writing software.

At first, Eda was a little reluctant to use her Visiobook because its large screen can create a barrier between Eda and her classmates. She needed the magnification to see the board but she wanted to be able to sit with her friends in Math class in circle on the floor.

When her classroom teacher found that out, he was quick to get a box and add wheels to it. In fact, he did this the very same day! Eda now gets the Visiobook out from its storage spot independently and uses it happily every day.

Here you see Eda following along in Math class.

Eda also uses a laptop that has Kurzweil 3000 and Co:writer installed to independently complete writing tasks. She knows how to get out her laptop, turn it on, and get the Co:writer word prediction software started. While Eda has trouble remembering the spelling of words, once she sees them presented in the word prediction list, she is quick to scan and pick out the correct word she wants to include in her writing. Co:writer is her new BFF!

Well done Eda and kudos to her classroom teacher for his ingenuity in removing a learning barrier with a box and a set of wheels!

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