Student proudly shared their stories with their classmatesEcole Aubrey Elementary students in Grade 3, 4 and 5 are taking part in a Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution with SET-BC this year. Teachers and students in both French and English classrooms are continuing the learning that was was highlighted in a previous SETstory (Ecole Aubrey Elementary Invites You to their Thinking Party). They are using Clicker 6 in a project the teachers have titled All Write to support All Students to further their independence with writing and editing skills.

SET-BC Tier 2 consultants helped the teachers by showing them the Clicker 6 ‘quick grid wizards’ templates and then how to design their own clicker sets using the redesigned curriculum. This past month, the teachers planned a Clicker Books project to help students develop their written output skills. The students’ task was to write a story using conversation.

A clicker book exampleStudents learned about writing using conversation by first reading Elephant and Piggie (an all conversation book). They were taught about using a variety of words for ‘said’ and how to punctuate with quotation marks. They wrote their stories in Clicker 6 and edited while listening to their story being read back to them. One teacher said ‘the editing was multi-faceted because they could see the mistakes and hear the words.’ After they finished drawing their images, they shared their writing with the teacher. The next step was to record their own voices reading their stories. ‘When they were recording their stories, their expressions changed because they became their characters,’ observed their teacher.

Students work togetherStudents who were not able to get their ideas on the paper before using Clicker 6 were inspired by using Clicker Books. They worked together to generate ideas and then used dialogue to tell their story. They also enjoyed drawing the images of their characters. Their drawings were detailed and colourful. They learned how to copy and paste their writing into a Clicker Book, how to save their work to a USB flash drive and also how to save it under their name.
One teacher stated that ‘two students who found it difficult to write anything with paper and pencil, were the first group to complete their book.’ The two students made a book entitled ‘Going Swimming’.

Another teacher commented that she loved ‘the children’s enthusiasm in using a computer and working with technology. I think the first thing the students liked was that they could illustrate a book with their own drawings. Next, they were thrilled to be able hear themselves and astonished at how wonderful their book looked. Also, their written language was improved because they could see their mistakes and use the software independently to help fix them.’ She also said that the students writing was improved using word prediction.

The students proudly shared their stories with their classmates. The Grade 4/5 French teacher stated that her favorite part of using Clicker 6 was classroom engagement and how well they worked in groups. She commented that ‘they were totally focused on their task and excited to work on their books.’
Over the duration of the SET-BC Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution, seven teachers and over a hundred students benefited from using the laptops and Clicker 6 program. They are definitely ‘All Writing’ at Ecole Aubrey Elementary!

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