Internet Safety for Educators

In February 2016 during our Virtual District Partner Conference, we were very pleased to host Darren Laur as our keynote speaker.  Darren, an internet safety expert and former Staff Sergeant of the Victoria City Police Department, gave two powerful presentations on Internet Safety for Educators and Cyber Bullying / Digital Peer Aggression.  These presentations helped our District Partners understand the nature of students’ actions in this digital world and pointed to what educators need to know to support and protect our students.

During the first day of the conference, Darren focused on online safety by deconstructing the internet and explaining both desirable and less desirable actions in the online environment.  He specifically  highlighted smart phone and social media safety.  On the second day of the conference, Darren addressed cyber bullying and digital peer aggression by describing what bullying looks like online.  He tackled difficult topics like harrassment, threats, and sexting and gave suggestions as to what students and educators can do to correct the damage of these behaviours. His presentations reached each participant in different ways, sometimes surprising participants with his stories, but his message was clear: students need the educator, parent and community’s help in understanding how to stay safe online.

This video is a brief summary of the information Darren presented in the sessions.  You can find more information about Darren and his company by visiting his Personal Protection Systems Inc.