raspberry pi held in a hand

This area contains resources for those interested in coding in the classroom setting.  The following resources may be helpful for educators who are interested in exploring the use of coding as a means to support diversity in the classroom and the new BC curriculum core competencies.

Past SET-BC Coding Projects
In recent years, teachers have successfully implemented the use of computational language in their classrooms. These past provincial classroom-based projects have focused on the use of Raspberry Pi to support students learning.

BC Curriculum References
Applied Design, Skills and Technologies for K-12 appears in draft form (March 2016) in BC’s new curriculum. Coding and programming play a role in this document specifically in Gr 9 but also as a potential means for exploring design and technology for all students in K-8.

SCRATCH is a free web based programming site for children that was created by MIT in 2003. The website contains instructions, samples and resources for educators. The success of SCRATCH has inspired more websites designed to support teachers and students who are looking to learn more about programming through SCRATCH.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi is a very small computer that can be used with a monitor and keyboard. It has the capability to do a variety of things and is controlled using programming language. The Raspberry Pi site contains information, ideas and resources.

Other Helpful Resources
There are a growing number of resources available on the internet to support educators and students interested specifically in programming and computational language. Here are few good ones to get you started.