Participants at a workshopOn April 15, 2016, Prince Charles Secondary School in Creston hosted a SET-BC facilitated student workshop focusing on how to build their individual Universal Design For Learning (UDL) Tool Kit. During the session, the students explored the meaning of UDL, discussed the background and how it has been an influential framework in BC education, and explored commonly used iPad apps and Chrome extensions that might go in a student’s kit. Parallels were made to an actual toolkit that many dads, moms, or grandparents have in the garage or shed that contain different tools that could be used for different projects.

After this initial discussion, the students broke into small groups and explored different centres featuring different iPad apps (Suri, Read to me, Adobe Voice, Popplet Lite) as well as Chrome Extensions (Cite This For Me, Readability, and SpeakIt) on laptops. The students were very excited and engaged – all the adults in the room knew when the students found something they could use because out came their phones and students began downloading the different tools they had discovered. Overhead during the day:

  • Three girls working on a laptop“I have to have this on my phone.”
  • “I will be using this everyday.”
  • “This is a ‘souped-up’ PowerPoint that would create epic presentations”

At the end of the session, the students shared other apps and tools they have used to support their learning. It was a great way to explore technology tools and build student’s personalized Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Toolkits.