cellphone with pair of glassesAs SET-BC consultants delivering technology training to educators all over the province, we hope we are making a difference for students and building team capacity to use technology to support them in the classroom setting.  Sometimes, we find out our workshop training has spread beyond school walls to help educators’ family members who also need a technology solution!

During a recent trip to Fort Nelson, an administrator from an elementary school took the time to track down one of our SET-BC consultants to share a terrific example of how a technology demonstration at a workshop sparked transferred the use of assistive technology outside of the school setting.

In October 2015, the administrator had attended an afterschool training session which included the dictation feature which comes standard with the Mac operating system.  As part of this training, the SET-BC staff also demonstrated the use of dictation on the iPhone for texting, comparing the similarities and differences of the two features.  During the fall, this administrator was also dealing with concerns around her elderly parent who lives over 800 miles away, and whom she felt needed to be monitored a few times throughout the day for health reasons.  Frequent phone calls throughout the day had become difficult to manage due to the hectic nature of the administrative job.

The administrator was unaware of the dictation feature, and wondered if perhaps her mother could check in 2 – 3 times per day, by dictating into her iPhone and sending her message as a text.  On their next visit they decided they would explore how this might support the needs of her elderly mother.

Not only did use of dictation on the iPhone turn out to be the perfect solution for the daily check in, her elderly mother also began sending other text messages this way thereby connecting more frequently with other members of the family.   She now often sends short messages to relatives who are perhaps unavailable for a phone call, but are able to reply to a text at more convenient times throughout the day.

This experience had such a positive impact on this family that the administrator took the time to track down the SET-BC consultant and tell her: “You never know what an impact you might have on the people who attend your workshops, so I just had to make a point to find you and tell you this story!”

We couldn’t be more delighted that a workshop demonstration meant to show educators how to use a simple built in Mac OS feature with students, took off and provided one family with a new way to stay connected!