4 staff at the Setbc warehouseOur Technical Support Team is very busy this week shipping the many (many!) boxes of equipment for the Complex Needs Technology Project. We are very pleased that we can get these tools for assessment and trials into the hands of district specialists before spring break. We hope the equipment will be helpful in identifying future students who will be brought forward for Tier 3 service.

For those of you receiving the shipment, you are most likely going to be receiving a number of boxes – please open BOX 1 first – it contains the information and packing lists for your bundle(s).

We have also posted a large number of resources to support all the technologies available through the project here: https://www.setbc.org/project/complex-needs-technology-project-2015-2016​.

If you have any questions about the project or the technologies that were available, please contact us at loanbank@setbc.org.