valentine hearts carved from woodEducators around BC have created some “love”ly resources for February. Check out these popular activities from curriculumSET and pictureSET.

​​Valentine Spelling [ClassroomSuite4]
This Valentines Spelling activity is for Grade 1, Grade 2 – Using an onscreen keyboard, where the letters you don’t need are disabled, type the following Valentines Vocabulary words: love, hug, candy, flowers, valentine. This activity runs in Classroom Suite 4.

Valentine Sequencing [Clicker5 & Clicker6]
This is an error-less Clicker learning task for sequencing using a Valentine’s theme.

Valentine Legend Elementary [Kurzweil]
A two file Kurzweil activity to help students learn about the origins of Valentine’s Day – both are written at about a Grade 5 level.

My Funny Valentine [Boardmaker Plus]
This is a simple Valentine’s story talking book in Speaking Dynamically Pro.

Valentine Words [Clicker 5 & Clicker 6] This Clicker set is designed to teach students six vocabulary words associated with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cards Write [Clicker 5 & Clicker 6]
This simple Clicker 5 Grid set helps student create Valentine’s cards for their family or peers.

Valentine Bingo
This Boardmaker board has symbols only -the cells have valentine’s day vocabulary (heart, valentine party, cupid, love, Hershey kisses, roses, kiss, valentine card, hug, etc.).

Valentine Vocabulary
This vocabulary page is a support for kindergarten students during time at a drawing and writing table.

Valentine Topic Board
This Boardmaker board has a number of Valentine’s symbols to support communication during a Valentine’s classroom party.

If you are planning or reading a Valentine themed book…here are the accessible books on Valentine’s Day available through ARC-BC.

Be My Valentine  by M.J. Carr:   Issy mouse wants Athena mouse to be his valentine and tries writing poetry to tell her so.

The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond:  On the day it rains hearts, Cornelia Augusta makes Valentine cards for four of her friends.

Valentine Cats by Jean Marzollo:  Writer cats, artist cats, and postal cats create and deliver Valentines.

2016 is the year of the Monkey!  Lunar New Year eve lands on February 7 this year but some traditional celebrations begin as early as Jan 16 and last through to Feb 22.  Here are a couple of curriculumSET resources currently available…

Lunar New Year Unit [Clicker5 & Clicker6] This Clicker Grid Set is a unit of activities designed to introduce students to Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year [Clicker5 & Clicker6]
This Clicker activity provides both a “Learn” and “Write” activity about the 12 different “New Years” in the lunar calendar.