Darren LaurSET-BC is pleased to be hosting a second virtual District Partner Conference on February 16th and 17th. For those who ​attended sessions last year, you will notice some changes!

Darren Laur – a provincially and nationally decorated Canadian Law enforcement professional – will be providing two sessions (repeated) on internet safety for educators and cyber bullying.  These are two critically important topics as more and more students are building their digital footprints on the web not only at home but as part of their educational program.  We are fortunate to have Darren share his expertise in this area.  His sessions will have Q&A time – bring your specific questions! The focus of the other sessions available on the two days will be to create an opportunity for District Partners to connect with us and District Partners around the province to discuss various aspects of our three-tiered service model as it has been implemented this year as well as to share SET-BC and district plans for service in 2016-2017.

Registration for the Virtual District Partner Conference will open on January 25th.  The agenda and specific registration instructions will be emailed to our District Partners the week prior to the start of registration to give District Partners time to look at the available sessions and plan which they would like to attend.  Watch your inbox!