Ecole Aubrey Elementary's Thinking PartyThere were are few ‘Aha moments’ at Ecole Aubrey Elementary School recently as classroom teams discovered Clicker 6 resources in SET-BC’s CurriculumSET and the Cricksoft collection. Two teachers exclaimed ‘Oh my goodness’ at the same time. Their smiles told it all! ​

The two teachers have started implementing Tier 2 classroom-based solutions to support their use of Adrienne Gear’s “Writing Power” with their struggling readers and writers.  Working with SET-BC consultants, team members participated in Clicker 6 training and then collaborated with SET-BC consultants to locate and develop activities to meet their student and curricular needs.

The Ecole Aubrey team is putting A LOT of thought into using their classroom-based solution to support as many students as possible!