Ecole Aubrey Elementary School teamThere were are few ‘Aha moments’ at Ecole Aubrey Elementary School recently as classroom teams discovered Clicker 6 resources in SET-BC’s CurriculumSET and the Cricksoft collection. Two teachers exclaimed ‘Oh my goodness’ at the same time. Their smiles told it all!

These teachers are implementing a Tier 2 Classroom Based Solution entitled “Exploring Adrienne Gear’s Reading and Writing Power Using Computer Technology”. The two teams in both French and English classrooms will create an inclusive environment where technology is used to support all students to further their progress and independence with writing and editing skills. In collaboration with SET-BC consultants Merrill Gray and Charlotte Friend, the team decided to use Clicker 6 and laptops to help students work towards their goals throughout the school year.

The teachers at Ecole Aubrey Elementary have participated in training sessions faciltated by  SET-BC consultants in order to familiarize themselves with the Clicker 6 program.  In addition, one teacher from Ecole Aubrey attended a professional development opportunity hosted by SET-BC Provincial Centre in November 2015:  Adrienne Gear’s “Writing Power”.  Working alongside SET-BC consultant, Charlotte Friend, the team decided on several of Adrienne Gear’s Writing Power activities to construct in Clicker 6 format.  Charlotte herself was inspired to create “Four Corner Picture Plan; Getting Organized; List Plan; Simile and you will see; Triple Scoop Word Bank; and Reflectional Goal Setting” – soon be available for all to download from CurriculumSET.

Aubrey’s teachers have also explored previously developed Clicker 6 resources available in CurriculumSET.  The teachers were thrilled to see an adapted Clicker version of “Charlotte’s Web”, a more accessible retelling of the original to support their struggling readers.   The Clicker activity set includes the same number of chapters as the original, with simplified text, highlighted words with pop-up definitions.  With the adjustable user preferences in Clicker 6, students are able to take advantage of read-along features, track words silently or enjoy the story being read to them. Teachers were also excited to be introduced to the various Adrienne Gear books that have been adapted to Clicker 6 format – these are available through ARC-BC.

Aubrey teachers received the laptop and software solution in December and have already used Clicker 6 with struggling readers and writers to support literacy.  One such student was able to generate sentences about the story “Once Upon a Winter” using Clicker 6.  As the software supports text-to-speech, he was able to hear what he wrote and, upon hearing his initial sentence, ‘Simon bit the snowman’, he exclaimed, ‘That’s not what I wanted to say,’ and changed it to ‘Simon built a snowman.’ This student is requesting to use Clicker 6 again soon for his writing!

The team is planning to use Adrienne Gear’s Evaluation Pages to assess reading and writing goals for students. Classroom-wide writes will be used to establish baseline (before), during and after writing samples to illustrate growth in writing skills proficiency. Students will also self-assess their reaction to the writing task before, during and after the introduction of technology to the writing process. The teachers too are completing self-reflections to document their growth and the change in teaching strategies and abilities with the addition of Clicker 6 to their classrooms.

Over the next few months, teachers will work with both classrooms to complete “talking books” and will use the new Adrienne Gear Clickersets to support learners in both reading and writing tasks in their inclusive classrooms.  As Adrienne Gear says, “reading is an invitation to think” – it’s clear there is A LOT of thinking taking place at Ecole Aubrey Elementary!

To learn more about the technology used in this SETstory, search for it by name in learningSET.