Laptop display with SOLO6 softwareOn Friday, September 25th, there were no children roaming the halls of Trafalgar Middle School in Nelson, BC. But learning was definitely taking place! A group teachers and educational assistants from Trafalgar and LVR Rogers Secondary school gathered to explore the software program, SOLO6. SOLO6 is a literacy suite of some of the most popular technology based reading and writing accommodations, including a text reader, graphic organizer, talking word processor, and word prediction. The newest version of SOLO6 was completely redesigned to be simple to use, yet powerful for students who struggle to read and write.

After using SOLO6 in a grade 6 classroom last year, the school was so impressed with the improvements they saw in student writing achievements, that this year, they have obtained through SET-BC, a site license allowing for all students and teachers to have access to it both at school and at home!

Teachers learning to use SOLO6While September’s training for this group was just the start of learning journey for those that attended, they all walked away with skills and resources to start implementing SOLO6 with their classes right away. We look forward to hearing how the implementation of this tool is working for their students as the year progresses!