SETBC consultants plenary sessionThe SET-BC team passed two milestones in this first year of provincial implementation of the new service delivery model. The deadline for District Requests for Service was September 30th. Even with a very short month, BC school districts met that deadline and 59/61 districts (96.7%) submitted their annual request for service. Of the 505 total requests in Tier 1, 2, and 3 that were submitted, 499 (98.8%) were provincially approved went forward for Collaborative Action Planning. Thirty-seven services (9 of which had been CAPped) were eventually cancelled.

In breaking down the service requests, there were 94 Tier 1 requests provincially, 128 Tier 2 training requests, 103 Tier 2 classroom-based solution requests, 38 Tier 3 training requests and 99 Tier 3 student requests.

A second milestone was reached on October 30th, when the deadline for CAPs was reached. Of the services that were approved and went forward, 454 (98.3%) of them had CAPs completed. A wonderful testament to everyone’s efforts and cooperation to get the plans for services complete!​

Rolling out the new three tiers of service has been both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges has been doing so with a significantly reduced consultant staff. Due to a number of factors including retirement, consultants moving to district positions, and unexpected leaves of absence, our local and provincial consultant team has seven vacant positions. We are working hard to fill those positions – in the meantime our current consultants have gone above and beyond to meet our service commitments since school started. Thanks to everyone on the SET-BC team for rising to this challenge and to the district teams for being patient and understanding as we not only get our new model working effectively but in supporting our staff as they deliver your services.