Adrienne GearOn November 25th, Adrienne Gear provided the province with an engaging opportunity to learn how to help students produce interesting written work using strategies contained in her book Writing Power.

She provided the audience with a firsthand experience of how engaging teaching and learning the writing process can be. Her workshop was filled with case studies and examples of how she uses Writing Power in her class. The GUM (give it a try, underline it, move on) strategy and the magical linking words: once, if, when sometimes, are just some examples of the amazing strategies and examples provided during the workshop.

Adrienne has been a teacher in the Vancouver School District for over 20 years working as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, teacher librarian and District Literacy Mentor. She is currently teaching two days a week at J. W. Sexsmith Elementary. On top of providing practical and engaging workshops across Canada, Adrienne has also presented workshops internationally in the United States, the UK and Sweden.

Adrienne Gear’s website:

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