Dr. Bruce BeairstoWe are very pleased to be hosting Dr. Bruce Beairsto on October 29th – live in Vancouver and streamed to Coquitlam, Quesnel, and Kamloops.  During this session, Dr. Beairsto will be sharing his personal journey of understanding over 35 years – from segregation to integration to mainstreaming to inclusion to diversity.  Anyone who has seen Dr. Beairsto knows he is dynamic speaker and a passionate advocate for inclusion.  This presentation is an ideal opportunity for educators to revisit the foundations of inclusion and to develop shared understandings with colleagues about the lessons of the past and how they inform their ongoing inclusion journey.

For more information, please download the Why Special Education Has to Go event flyer.  To register for this event, go to our SETreg online registration area.  Register early as seats in the various event locations are limited!