Notepad with awesome item checkedBC School Districts around the province have completed the first critical step in acquiring SET-BC services in the 2015-2016 school year. By September 30th, all districts needed to have submitted their annual District Request for Service (also known as the “DRFS”). While 70% of districts had submitted their requests prior to the start of summer, more came in before school started and the remainder were submitted by the deadline. All DRFSs have been reviewed and SET-BC consultants are being assigned to complete the Collaborative Action Plans (CAPs) with teams and begin all approved services.

As this was the first year of implementing the three-tiered service delivery model across the province, we understand and appreciate the significant efforts district teams made to meet and plan for their service requests. We know there has been some process and communication confusion as we are learning, ourselves, how best to support the District Request for Service and CAP process. Some district teams have noted, this being the first time with their own selection protocols, they will be making some adjustments for next year’s DRFS planning.

Thanks to all our district teams for your patience as we work through the new model “bugs” – we are well on our way to supporting your teams and getting technology loans in place for the 2015-2016 school year!