Two ladies working on a ipadThe Saltspring Middle School staff got the new school year off to a great start by exploring iOS apps that support literacy. During a one-day workshop on September 3rd, 23 teachers (two from Nanaimo), district and school administrators and district IT staff got together to look at the SAMR model of technology integration and how different iOS apps could be used to support their students’ literacy development.

Even though it was everyone’s first day back after the summer break, workshop participants hit the ground running, starting the day using the built in Notes app to take photos and record information about their colleagues. This was followed by table teams examining how various educational frameworks, strategies, pedagogy and tools relate to one another and work together. The group then explored the SAMR model in more detail and used the Popplet Lite app to record and share their understanding. The morning concluded with the use of the Book Creator app to reflect on how their own classroom literacy tasks could be supported by technology at the different SAMR levels.

After a wonderful lunch provided by the district, the workshop attendees got back to work exploring the Comic Life 3 app – using it to create a lighthearted look at the challenge of selecting good apps. After doing a bit of research on app selection guidelines and rubrics, the participants wove 3 or 4 guidelines into their comics which they embellished with photos of their colleagues. The day wrapped up with a final reflection activity that asked participants to use the Explain Everything app to highlight what they had Learned, what Action they are likely to take, and what Questions they might have from the workshop activities.

district and school administrators-meeting up with District IT StaffIt was a busy day full of great discussions, technology exploration, and thoughts of what opportunities the coming school year will present for using technology in the classroom. The workshop relied heavily on internet access – the on-site district IT support staff were much appreciated as they ensured our connectivity was stable all day.

Thanks to SD64 and Saltspring Middle School staff for a great start to SET-BC’s 2015-2016 Pro D and training events!

To learn more about the technology used in this SETevent, search for it by name in learningSET.