adviceButtonTaking the concept of the help you receive from a hotel concierge, our SETconcierge can offer you personalized Professional Development and training help designed to meet your individual learning goals, style and schedule.

There are so many options available for learning about implementing technology in your classroom.  But wading through all the options can take time – time you could be spending actually learning!  This is where the SETconcierge can really help you.  When you contact the SETconcierge, you will be asked some basic questions about what you want to learn about, how you like to learn, and what time you have available.  The SETconcierge will then put together a short list of learning opportunities to get you started.  These might include scheduled face-to-face workshops, online webinars, recorded training tutorials, or even names of peers around the province who are working on the same learning goals.

You can use the SETconcierge service once just to get started or, even better, stay in contact over the year for more help as you develop new knowledge and skills.  Our SETconcierge works hard to stay current with what is available locally and around North America taking the legwork out of finding what will work for you.

Getting started is easy – just send an email to and you’ll be on your way to new learning destinations!