Classroom Suite

Classroom Suite is a unique software intervention tool designed to help students achieve mastery in math, reading and writing skills levels pre-k through 5. Classroom Suite’s excels at supporting and reinforcing beginning literacy, writing and number sense at the student’s individual level. Create access to existing curriculum, develop new activities or use out-of-the-box lessons that incorporate a system of “model, practice, apply” to ensure that your students understand each learning objective. Students receive independent practice with non-judgmental feedback and are immediately assessed to determine whether to move on to another activity or to receive additional practice. Classroom Suite automatically collects student assessment and usage data useful for reporting on progress toward IEP goals. Classroom Suite is compatible with many alternative access methods, including switches and scanning as well as interactive white boards, making curriculum accessible to students with physical and cognitive disabilities.

  • Mac / Win
  • PSAP Pricing: $205.00