The ARC-BC project is a Ministry of Education funded provincial response to the increasing demand for digital or alternate format alternatives to print in BC classrooms.  When BC school districts join the ARC-BC Community, their educators can search this online repository or “digital library” to find and download alternate format resources related to the BC curriculum.  As production and distribution of the alternate format materials is centrally coordinated, duplication of effort in resource creation is virtually eliminated.  The goal of ARC-BC is to provide BC educators with access to high quality digital and alternate format materials for their students with perceptual disabilities in a timely manner.  To learn more about ARC-BC, please visit the ARC-BC website.

How can I inform ARC-BC of my alternate format resource needs?

As a registered ARC-BC user, you can inform the ARC-BC provincial team of your alternate format needs through the feedback link available on the actual ARC-BC site.  If you are not a registered user and would like more information on ARC-BC, please contact us at