SET-BC is a Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program established to assist school districts in educating students who require or would benefit from using technology to access the curriculum.


  • Collaborates with BC school district teams to provide professional development opportunities focused on the use of technology to support diverse learners in the classroom
  • Assists school districts in training district and school teams on specific technologies used to support their students’ access to educational programs
  • Lends assistive technologies (participation, communication and learning tools) to BC school districts to support their student’ access to educational programs.

SET-BC services to school districts include these components:

  • Consultation and collaboration
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Student and Classroom Resources
  • Technology Loans

SET-BC allocates services to school districts based on:

  • Annual budget and staffing levels
  • Annual Districts’ Request for Service

SET-BC services are provided in collaboration and partnership with British Columbia school districts.

  • District Partners play a key role in coordinating SET-BC services in their districts. School team members who have any questions about the SET-BC process should contact their District Partner for information and support.