sarah_2015_240x180Going from elementary school to high school can be both an exciting and scary time. There is often great anticipation about the new adventures ahead, as well as some trepidation about the unknown.  Having a great group of caring and supportive friends can help to make this important transition positive and successful.  For Sarah, a grade 9 student on the Sunshine Coast, getting to know an amazing group of peer tutors, who have quickly become good friends, has helped to make her high school experience a time that she will always fondly remember.

Sarah uses a communication device called an Eco to talk with her friends and teachers.  She has used a variety of augmentative communication devices, from SET-BC, throughout her time at school, including a SpringBoard and a Vanguard.  Sarah has been using her Eco for the past 4 years.  In addition to using it for all verbal communication, Sarah is able to use her Eco to email friends and teachers, chat and share pictures on Facebook, and complete her academic school work.

Sarah’s positive, energetic, and engaging personality is the first thing people notice about Sarah.  She truly is a wonderful conversationalist.  She has developed friendships with a wonderful group of students at her school.  Sarah would like to share a fun story about her and her friends in her own words.

A Valentine’s surprise: “I made Valentine’s cards for them (peer tutors) and I was just thinking on Valentine’s Day after school I would try to look for all of them and then give them their card. Then that very same day I had this idea about what I could do and so I emailed them all (separately) asking if they could come to have lunch on Valentine’s Day.  They came and they were all surprised to see each other and they were very happy to get the cards.”

The smile on Sarah’s face clearly shows the special relationship she shares with her peer tutors – what a wonderful support network for them all!

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