bryce_2015_3upBryce is a quiet young man who attends Mt. Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook. Bryce has been trying different communication devices with SET-BC for a few years. Towards the end of the 2013-2014 school year, SET-BC loaned Bryce’s team an iPad to try with him. His team found that Bryce preferred the regular iPad because he could see the parts, buttons, and pictures more easily – especially with the option of using the zoom feature built into the device.

As Bryce struggles with consistent oral communication, his tone, and volume of his voice, his team also trialed the Touch Chat app with him. Using the iPad and Touch Chat combination, Bryce was very proud to hear what he wanted to say. He uses the iPad as a way to communicate with others so that they can fully understand him. Shelly and Colleen, Bryce’s two Education Assistants, have worked hard to implement his iPad so he can always have it with him to be used whenever needed.

Along the way the team discovered Bryce’s love for photography! Bryce has demonstrated his unique perspective in seeing the beauty and creativity of objects that others may overlook in their day to day interactions. Bryce has also become the Life Skills class photo journalist using the Pictello App and built in iPad camera. Creating Pictello stories has become a way for Bryce to be a valued contributor in his classroom community. Through this process Bryce’s self-esteem and engagement with others has soared. It’s terrific to see how a simple device with a few apps can have such a big impact!

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