2005 – The Book Port Project

The Book Port Project provided Book Ports to over 50 high school students with visual impairment in British Columbia in the winter and spring of 2005.  Book Port lesson plans were developed and training workshops for students and teachers on operating the Book Port were held around the province. Book Port’s impact on students’ access to information and learning continues to be evaluated.  The project hopes to obtain additional funding in order that more students will have access to the Book Port in the 2005-2006 school year.

2006 – 2007- Announcing a third year for the Book Port project.

SET-BC and PRCVI are pleased to announce
the BookPort Project for 2006-2007.

BookPorts are available for a maximum of 10 students with visual impairments in Grades 8-12 in British Columbia. Preference will be given to students who have the basic technology skills and independent access to a computer. Recommended technology skills and access include:

  • Daily access to a computer and the internet
  • Good independent computer skills
  • Can use internet to find information
  • File management skills
  • Fine motor coordination needed to operate a small keypad with 18 keys
  • Can use a menu system with multiple levels

Book Port training sessions will be held in January 2007. Teams will be contacted directly with more information on BookPort training. It is planned that both new BookPort users and 2005-6 Project BookPort users will gather for a day of training and idea sharing.

Download the Book Port Project application form -Download Application PDF | Word

BookPort Student Lessons Resources

SET-BC developed this set of BookPort Student Lessons. The lessons are student-focused, practical resources, specifically designed to help students and teachers implement the technology.

Download from the Learning Centre.

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