nick_2015_240x180Creative, funny and engaging, Nick, an eighth grade student at a Surrey Secondary School, lists his favorite past-time as gaming and his second, as writing. Not surprisingly, Nick is able to list and talk in detail about the characters, their powers and the plot twists of his favorite games.  Often, it is these fantastical stories from the gaming world that inspire him to create his own characters and to weave an imaginative tale of his own.

Writing, however, has not always been an easy task for Nick.  It might even surprise past teachers that he now enjoys it.   Easily distracted and dealing with the stresses of ADHD and learning disabilities, Nick can become excessively agitated when tasks frustrate him.  Auditory tasks and difficulties with working memory also prove to be challenges.  With the introduction of a laptop from SET-BC as a tool to support his learning, Nick has been able to improve focus, organize his thoughts and commit his fantastical stories to paper.  “The Flash” and “The Haunted Mansion” are among stories he has produced that reveal an artful way with words, a creative bent and his unique perspective on the world.

“My mind”, according to Nick, “works differently than other people.  The computer helps me to get words out.”  Word prediction in the form of Co-Writer, read-back features from Kurzweil 3000, and the ease of correcting something quickly using spell-check all help to curb frustration and allow him, as he says, to get on with story-telling.

The laptop is put to good use to support many areas of the curriculum particularly English and Socials where he uses it to complete assignments and for note-taking.  In addition, Nick is able to organize his thoughts using idea-mapping programs, access programs that support improvement in his keyboarding skills, build math fact recall with on-line skill-building games and access a world of information for research projects from his desktop.

Nick is moving forward with success using a SET-BC provided computer and software as a part of the toolbox that supports his learning.  Well done, Nick!

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