DinukIn this interview, Dinuk shares how he uses technology to successfully complete his Grade 10 program and look ahead to the future.

Like so many students with autism, writing does not come easily to Dinuk, particularly when asked to write by hand.  After years of frustration and limited success, Dinuk, now in grade 10 at Sullivan Secondary in Surrey, BC, received support from SET-BC in the form of a laptop with writing software (Kurzweil 3000 and Co:Writer).  I asked Dinuk about how technology has impacted his school experience.  Dinuk used the laptop to share his thoughts during a recent interview.

I’d like you to think back to when you were in Elementary school before you were using technology to help with your school work.  What was it like for you in class when you had to complete a written assignment using a pencil and paper?

“when i was in elementary school it was harder because i had to write everything out and i had messy writing which was hard to read. i was very frustrated when i had to write everything out as i was not good at it and it was harder to read. when i got tech to help with assignments and tests it was a great improvement as i was able to make all my work neater and evenly spaced. i was also able to do the work faster.”

Could you briefly describe what you have difficulties with in your academic work?

“my difficulties are writing and spacing out words or paragraphs and typing them out has helped as all work is evenly spaced and readable.”

What are some ways in which technology has made an improvement to your school work?  What would it be like if you didn’t have this technology?

“my school work has improved because the tech i got helped me to finish assignments faster and make them a lot neater. i feel a lot beeter because i know that completing assignments will be easier and neater if i didnt have this technology it would be harder as i would have to write everything out and it would still be messy.”

What are some of your goals after you graduate from high school?

“my goal after high school is to study at BCIT and earn a degree as a heavy duty mechanic.”

We are so pleased technology has made a difference for Dinuk and wish him the best of luck in his future plans!

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