torin_2015_2upTorin was smiling from ear to ear, and his first word when he realized the potential of his new technology solution was … “AMAZING!!”

Seeing a smile on Torin’s face is especially rewarding for his teacher, Peter Harford and his Educational Assistant, Elizabeth Dobb. Torin has a diagnosis of autism, which can bring with it many challenges in the school setting. Even though he has grade level reading ability, Torin’s biggest frustration is often around any kind of writing task that requires him to record his thoughts or compose stories. As writing is a big part of most students’ school experience, he was frequently discouraged.

This year, Torin moved to a new school in Chetwynd, BC, and his Learning Assistance Teacher, Donna Fieber began inquiring about technology for him. Torin’s team felt he would be a great candidate for SET-BC technology and put his name forward to the screening team. Wow! They were sure right!

Torin’s team recently received a loan of a MacBook Pro with Clicker 6, and within the first 10 minutes that he was introduced to it, he was able to effortlessly dictate his thoughts into writing, and create a short story within Clicker 6, all using the built in dictation feature within the Mac OS.

This technology suited his needs perfectly because it is built into the operating system. He can seamlessly dictate his text entry into any program or location the cursor is placed (ie. Google search, e-mail, MSWord, Clicker 6 and so on).

Within seconds of watching the SET-BC consultant model the use of the technology, Torin was hooked! He immediately understood the need to speak clearly into the microphone, and even said the word ‘period’ to end his sentence. He then went into Clicker 6 and created a Clicker book – Jack and the Bean Stalk. He was able to use the dictation feature to create the title, perform a search for ‘giant’ clip art, dictate the story, and even to enter the name of the story when it came time to save his work.

Yes Torin! You are AMAZING!! We can’t wait to see what you are going to write next!

To learn more about the technology used in this SETstory, search for it by name in learningSET.