gabby_2015_2upGabby is an inquisitive and determined grade 2 student from Kamloops, B.C., who is eager to try new things and likes to be with her friends at school. She has attended the life skills program at McGowan Park Elementary school for the past two years. Because she is blind and has limited verbal skills, Gabby had a great deal of difficulty communicating her wants and needs effectively with those around her. Traditional supports such as visual schedules and picture symbols have little meaning for Gabby, and her school team needed to explore an alternative method of communication for her.

Last year, the school team applied for and received a Mountbatten Brailler from SET-BC. The Mountbatten has allowed Gabby to begin exploring the Braille alphabet while producing her own raised dot creations. Since that time Gabby has also been learning to use a tactile schedule along with Braille for her communication needs. Gabby is able to produce a tactile symbol card to request wants such as snack and playtime choices. She enjoys exploring braille labels around her classroom, participating in tracking braille numbers and names at calendar time, and tracking braille books as she listens to stories and poems with her friends. Just as sighted students learn to read and write through immersion with print, Gabby has the opportunity to explore the world of braille through use of her Mountbatten Brailler. We are so excited to see her continue to grow and learn.

The Mountbatten from SET-BC has provided a valuable tool for both Gabby and her school team as they work towards building her communication independence.

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