Eyegaze workshopOn January 9th, Lorraine Kamp from SET-BC and Lois Turner from CAYA facilitated an “eye opening” workshop focusing on the best practices when considering a technology solution that utilizes eye gaze. The day began with Lorraine explaining the eye gaze device selection procedure for SET-BC, as well as highlighting some important issues teams should consider during the selection process.

The underlying message was that technology solutions involving eye gaze, like any other solution, must be considered with the communication and physical needs of the student in mind and that teams need to take time and care during the complex selection process. She also emphasized the importance of having a successful low-tech communication solution with an established symbol set in place prior to considering a solution that utilizes eye gaze technology.

Following Lorraine, Lois introduced the eye gaze assessment resources CAYA uses including ACETS, E-tran, light pointer, general looking strategies and OT consultations. The AAC Eye Gaze System Considerations document was also reviewed and discussed. This document contains a checklist of tasks that teams should consider during the year leading up to the initial request or acquisition of an eye gaze solution.

The morning wrapped up with a sharing of workshop participant experiences. This highlighted some of the challenges as well as the great work that teams are doing in school, home, and community settings. The comment that was repeated many times was “it takes a strong team to make this successful.”

In the afternoon, with the help of Aroga Technologies, Tobii-Dynavox and SET-BC consultants, workshop participants were able to examine various eye gaze solutions such as the Accent 1200, Accent 1000, Tobii I12, Camera Mouse EyeMobile, Maestro with EyeMax, MyGaze eye tracker, Alea Intelligaze, eeZeeMouse:Pro, Tracker Pro and the Headmouse Extreme.

A big thank you to our workshop presenters and consultants who facilitated the workshop, our technology vendors who provided access and information on various eye gaze solutions, and the workshop participants who added their insight and experience to the day’s discussions.

Those interested in viewing information presented at the workshop can visit our Eye Gaze to AAC Systems ​resource in our Learning Centre.​

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