kayla_2upMeet Kayla, a delightful middle school student from Coquitlam.  Even though Kayla cannot speak with her voice, her classmates and teachers always knew she was listening.  Her smile and bright eyes let you know she was interested in what you had to say.

In 2011, something exciting happened, she began to speak with her eyes.  That is the year Kayla received a Dynavox EyeMax from SET-BC.  The EyeMax is a communication system that is accessed through a camera that reads Kayla’s eye movements.  When Kayla holds her eye gaze on a word or picture it speaks her message out loud.  Kayla’s growing ability to communicate with her teachers and peers has helped her to be a more active participant in her class.  A visit to Kayla’s classroom may find her working on a project with her classmates or taking a quiz on the last science unit. It has been exciting to hear what Kayla has to say.  Whether at school or in the community, Kayla isn’t just listening with her eyes she speaking with them.

As Kayla says “I like it!”

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