classroomProjects2014_240x180This year’s classroom based projects are now underway around the province. SET-BC held teleconferences with project teams in recent weeks to finalize project outcomes and to identify the technology solutions that will support the project goals.
Seventeen class teams have started receiving their technology loans and are excited to start introducing and implementing their projects designed to support diverse learners in their classrooms.

To foster collaboration between all 17 project teams, SET-BC is hosting an online community on the enterprise social networking site, Using this tool, teams are able to share ideas, resources, give status updates on progress, and ask for advice and support when they are met with a challenge. The members of this year’s project teams have already started making connections between similar projects and the resource sharing has started in earnest.

This year’s projects explore how technology can support several areas of the curriculum. Projects include: Writing with Kurzweil in the Classroom, Web-based Solutions to increase Self Efficacy and Access to Literacy, Communicating Our Learning, Use of iPads to Increase Student Engagement, A Voice for All Students, Project and Inquiry-based Learning, Personal Functional Literacy Skills, Modern Country Research Project, Inquiry-based Modern Culture Project, Digital e-Portfolios with QR Codes, Classroom Global Literacy Project, Reading Power Literature Responses Using iPads and Pictello, and others.

Each project team will be posting to their own blogs to keep us all aware of their progress throughout the school year. The blogs are an opportunity for the teams to share their reflections on the process of integrating and implementing their project technology in the classroom. They will share their triumphs and troubleshooting strategies over the next few months giving everyone an opportunity to see how specific technologies can be used with students at varying grade levels. A list links to the blogs will be posted shortly in the Classroom Technology Projects area of our website once teams have started posting.

We look forward to following the progress of all project teams over the coming months and wish them the very best this coming school year.

For more information about the Classroom Based Projects contact, Flo Wong, the Projects Co-ordinator.