We are happy to resume our services after a few delays to the start of the school year.

Taking everything into consideration, we can now commit to the following 2014/2015 SET-BC service delivery timelines:

RFS Deadline
CAP Deadline
1 Nov. 7, 2014 Dec. 12, 2014
2 Jan. 9, 2015 Feb. 20, 2015

​There will be two cycles this year.

Please note that the dates listed are final deadlines only. Districts who are in a position to complete their screening process and submit their Requests for Services prior to those deadlines are more than welcome to do so ahead of time.

Once the completed Request for Service Forms have been received, consultants will book and meet with teams for the Collaborative Action Plan to assist teams in matching the educational goals of the student to the best possible assistive technology solution.

The provincial team will continuously review the loan requests and ship each approved request as soon as possible.