plenary_2014_2upSET-BC consultants from across the province met in Richmond early in the school year to plan and organize services for this school year.

The consultants met for three days in Richmond, BC, and discussed many important topics including service delivery timelines for this year, strategies for supporting districts during the transition period to the new service delivery model and several provincial training initiatives.

The theme for the three-day meeting was “Building Together”. SET-BC consultants focused on different ways to work collaboratively, communicate openly, and contribute effectively. Consultants built individual Lego structures and were later asked to connect or combine their structures with someone else’s structure. Throughout the three days, consultants continued to join their ​structures until all the structures were joined together. This was a great metaphor in looking ahead to the new service delivery model where all consultants will be working together to support districts around the province.

Bill Standeven, Director of Diversity and Equity at the Ministry of Education addressed consultants over Skype to share his support for SET-BC as we work with school districts to implement assistive technology effectively for students with diverse needs. Consultants are always very interested in hearing his update to better understand how our services fit into the overall Ministry vision for supporting diversity in the classroom. With the unusual and busy start to the school year, everyone appreciated the time he took to virtually connect with us during our meeting.

SET-BC consultants were also eager to use some new administrative tools introduced during the plenary session. Our IT manager, Gordon Eddy unveiled new areas of SET-BC websites for our public and internal websites, bringing together many of the tools that consultants use on a daily basis. Consultants are amazed, in particular, with the new staff portal.

Since the plenary session, SET-BC consultants have been working busily to support their teams in getting up and running with assistive technology implementation. We are all looking forward to a productive school year!​