kiannah_2upKiannah has just finished up her grade one year at McGirr Elementary in Nanaimo. Kiannah is legally blind and cannot see things that are out of her reach or things that are small.

During the 2013 school year the school team (Jennifer Elgie – Teacher for the Visually Impaired, Lise Anderson and Brianne Hurd) applied to SET-BC for the DaVinci. The DaVinci is an All-in-One HD Video Magnifier with Text-to-Speech support. In March 2013, Kiannah received the DaVinci.

The video magnifier allows Kiannah to see everything in the classroom by utilizing a high definition camera built into the system.. The image captured by the camera is displayed on a 24 inch screen at her desk and Kiannah is able to magnify the image to her needs.

Lise Anderson shares, ‘The first day we brought the DaVinci into the classroom Kiannah immediately knew what she wanted to do. She carefully moved the camera to view the far wall. She explained she had lost her tooth on the weekend and she knew that anyone who loses a tooth gets his or her name put up on the ‘lost tooth poster’. She was pretty sure her name would be up there but she had never seen it because it was too high up on the wall. Suddenly the tooth poster appeared on Kiannah’s screen and right at the top of it was her name. Her face lit up. It was a powerful moment! It was a moment I will never forget!“

Since receiving the DaVinci, Kiannah has become more independent and can refer to information posted in her classroom. She has been using the DaVinci to view the word wall. She was able to use those words to improve the quality of her written work. The DaVinci has changed Kiannah. She enjoys school much more and is excited to find new and creative ways to utilize her technology.

The team is seeing the tremendous benefits that Kiannah has experienced with the technology and is encouraged that Kiannah’s needs are met and that continues to grow and learn alongside her peers. Being able to see the classroom, her friends, and assignments with the DaVinci, Kiannah’s grade two year is bound to be fabulous!

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