ShealynnShealynn is a kind, determined, resilient, and thoughtful grade 5 student in Prince George, BC. Thanks to support she is receiving from teachers, staff at her school, and SET-BC she is taking control of her own learning.

During her Grade 4 year, Shealynn found school challenging. She struggled with reading and described printed text as looking like “words moving like waves on a page”.

It has been less than a full school year and Shealynn is now reading and working at grade level. For the most part she completes the same work as her peers but with a reduced number of questions. Given the portability of the device she can now take her equipment with her and see things that she otherwise may not have noticed.

Miss Rustige also recognizes how Shealynn’s assistive devices have helped to transform the perceptions of others. “She is now perceived as an academic student. It opens so many doors – it impacts her learning as well as increases social connectedness to her peers. The technology drew kids to her because they wanted to know what she was doing and why she needed the equipment. She used it as an icebreaker. The classroom teacher included other kids in using it with her during class activities. Enlarged photocopies don’t do that.”

Next year, her team is looking forward to consistency in her classroom support.  Going into a grade 6/7 classroom next year means that Shealynn will have the same teacher for two years and Mrs Meier, who was her classroom teacher in grade 4, continues in her role as resource teacher.

The whole school based team has its eye on raising the academic bar – more is going to be expected but she is now in a good position to reach her goals.

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