AmandaAmanda and Calli are two students from Dr. Kearney Middle School in the Peace River North School District who have been experiencing great success as they participate in a SET-BC project this year. This collaborative project involves several students who have been using MacBook Air computers and Clicker 6 software to assist them with their transitions from the middle school to the high school, as well as support their daily curricular and scheduling needs. The use of this technology branched out to many wonderful learning opportunities and projects, which enhanced the level of engagement, motivation and learning of all students.

One great example of how both Calli and Amanda used this technology most recently was to complete their Anne Frank project. Their peers in grade 9 were completing a unit on The Diary of Anne Frank, so technology was used to differentiate this unit for both SET-BC students. They had access to a digital picture book of the ‘Anne Frank Story’ at their developmental level, which had been downloaded from the BC public library. Calli and Amanda were then required to create a project to demonstrate their understanding of this story. They independently used the ‘Make a Book’ feature of Clicker 6 with many visuals to create an amazing project based on their learning.

As a result of this project, Calli has become much more motivated to engage in her learning and has become an advocate for the need to use the computer and software to demonstrate her learning.

The most positive changes noted by Amanda’s team centered around her engagement in her learning since the use of the MacBook and Clicker 6. When interviewed, Amanda said: “I work harder on my daily work because Clicker 6 is my favorite program on my computer I am able to do better work. I am most proud of my hard work and my story writing.”

Students who participated in the project and their Educational Assistants participated in several collaborative training opportunities throughout the year. The goal was to have students, student mentors and EA’s gain independence in the use of Clicker 6 to be able to customize a home page containing Clicker grids with many of their daily programming needs

Both the middle school and the secondary school have now been focused on using Clicker 6 with many of their students to meet their individual learning needs. The on-going collaboration and familiarity with using Clicker 6, will enable student to have an easy, predictable, and successful transition into the high school setting, as much of their scheduling and curriculum requirements were built around the use of this program.

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