EdwardEdward is a kind, curious and outgoing Grade 6 student in Vancouver who loves to communicate with people. Edward struggled with writing and completing academic classroom tasks. He found pencil and paper tasks difficult and would not write very much. Edward received support from his teachers and teaching assistants when he needed a scribe. But because there was limited access to ongoing adult support and technology at school, his mother explored possible technology solutions for Edward at home. As a result of his mother’s initiative, Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) was identified as a writing support solution for Edward. Edward could simply speak his thoughts, and the software program, DNS, would recognize the words and type them out on the computer.

Edward is strong when it comes to expressing himself verbally, so the quantity and quality of his written work increased when he used Dragon Naturally Speaking to complete his assignments. Edward became more engaged in school. He gained confidence in writing and presenting his written work. He now participates more in class and complete assignments on time. In the recent Heritage Fair held at school, he completed his project on the Canadarm. He produced his writing for the project using DNS and presented his work to judges at the Fair. When asked about his presentation, he responded “It was great! I was able to present my work with confidence”.

As Edward has gained confidence, his social skills with peers have improved over the past few months. He is no more afraid of showing people what he knows. He participates more in classes and has become more positive about his work. He also now plays a leadership role during class activities. Edward is also getting better at troubleshooting if there are technical difficulties with DNS.

Edward’s school team is noticing the increased confidence and comfort level using assistive technology and is encouraging him to advocate for himself in future academic situations.

Edward now sees himself as a writer and contributor in class. Way to go, Edward!

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