techKid_240x180This has been a busy year for SET-BC as we continue to move forward evolving our service delivery to a three-tiered model of support.

The original timeline for implementing the new service delivery model was September 2014 and districts have been involved in planning sessions to begin accessing a broader range of SET-BC services at that time. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, it has become necessary to postpone the provincial start of the new SET-BC model until September 2015.

During recent district planning discussions, it was apparent that some school districts are well positioned to begin implementing the new model as originally planned. As such, we would like to support a small number of school districts across the province that are ready and interested in proceeding this September through a limited pilot of SET-BC’s new service delivery model.

We are only able to support a small number of pilot districts overall but are hoping for participation from a range of small, medium and larger districts located in different geographic areas of the province. We look forward to partnering with pilot districts this fall to establish protocols and procedures which will benefit all districts when the new service delivery rolls out provincially in September 2015.

If you have any questions about the SET-BC service delivery pilot, please email or phone Kerry Randle at 604-269-2209.