RIP_XPIn April 2012, Microsoft announced it would end its support of the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014.

After that date, the expectation is that Win XP computers and devices will start to experience serious problems with malware and other forms of system corruption.

Most school district IT departments are well aware of this deadline and have taken steps to deal with their own district Win XP computers.

However, each district may also have students currently using Win XP computers and AAC devices on loan from SET-BC.

If you are supporting a student who has received a computer running Windows XP from SET-BC, your district or independent school have the following options:

  • The Win XP laptop or computer can be returned to SET-BC for proper disposal. Please refer to standard equipment return protocols for returning any SET-BC equipment.
  • Accept transfer of the “retired” laptop or computer taking responsibility for the use, support and/or upgrade of the device. SET-BC strongly recommends that school and district teams involve their IT department in any decision to accept the transfer of Win XP laptops and computers.
  • SET-BC software that is installed on Win XP systems that is still being used by the student can be transferred to a district-based “legacy” loan so it may be installed on a district computer that the student will access. The software would need to be uninstalled from the Win XP system before being reinstalled on an alternate laptop or computer. SET-BC software that is not being used by the student must be returned to the Provincial Loan Bank following standard return protocols.

SET-BC will no longer support Windows XP laptops or computers. On or before April 7, 2014, all Windows XP laptops and computers currently on loan to school districts will be “retired” from our Provincial Loan Bank. Technology labeled as “retired” in our provincial database indicates that a) we will no longer provide technical support, repairs, or replacements for any reason and b) SET-BC consultants will no longer provide team support for that device; team support may continue for software that is on loan.

For specific information about Microsoft’s position on the End-of-Support for Windows XP check out: